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Projectfork Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

The oldest and most requested feature since Projectfork's inception is finally here! This module displays a Gantt chart of the active project's milestones, task lists (optional) and tasks.
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Projectfork User Activity

A stream of Projectfork activity which can be configured to display on the frontend site or backend admin via modules. Our free core User Activity package is required.
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Projectfork User Activity Stream
Projectfork Design Review

Designs Component

Create albums of designs. View designs in a grid. Drill down to a full design detail of each design with optional revisions shown. Designs can then be Approved or Declined (optional).
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AppTheme GUI Template

Responsive Joomla 3.0 template that transforms from desktop to tablet to phone.
Projectfork App Joomla Template